The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Corporate Event

Corporate events are the PERFECT business opportunity to engage, inform, or enlighten your employees, clients, or stakeholders. Whether your company wishes to host a seminar, a conference, a product launch, or holiday party – planning is crucial to its success.

If you can avoid the top five most common corporate event mistakes listed below, you can plan an event that runs smoothly and seamlessly from beginning to end!



1. Selecting the Wrong Venue

A corporate event venue sets the stage for the entire experience, ensuring all guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves. When planning a corporate event in or around Tulsa, Oklahoma – always consider the business, the type of corporate meeting, the kinds of activities, and the number of people in attendance. These factors help you determine an appropriate setting for the event and the guests.It is also important to imagine how attendees will feel in the venue; Will they have freedom of movement? Will they have adequate air circulation? Are the architecture and decor visually pleasing? Is there natural lighting? Emerald Falls, the leading event venue Tulsa, OK, answers to all the aspects, ensuring that your event is perfect, professional, and pleasing.


2. Having a Slow Check-in Process

Your check-in process is going to be one of the most important moments of the night. This process must be seamless and without hassle, as any discomfort and negative experience at the entrance can be frustrating and this could make a negative lasting impression.To prevent such issues, you should create a system and assign knowledgeable individuals to handle the check-in process. Additionally, have signs prepared to guide attendees to the registration area and point them in the right direction. This will help avoid any possible confusion and ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for everyone!


3. Neglecting Potential Technology Difficulties

One of the most common corporate event mistakes is forgetting to organize technology, set up all necessary equipment, and check out all operations well in advance. If you are missing any equipment, experience tech failures, or encounter sound or feedback issues, your corporate meeting may need to delay speakers or presentations. NO ONE WANTS THIS!It is best to avoid those scenarios altogether, as they can negatively affect your business or frustrate attendees. All projectors, screens, speakers, microphones, and laptops should be working and ready for transportation. It is also necessary to have a tech expert on hand before and during the event in case of any arising tech issues. So – make sure everything is working properly and have backup plans in case of unexpected problems.


4. Overlooking a Well-Rounded Experience

Your guests would love to enjoy all their time at your corporate event, so organize free-flowing drinks, delicious food catering, and appropriate entertainment. You do not want your attendees to wonder how they can fill their time or leave the event venue Tulsa for amusement.If you plan a sophisticated conference or meeting, you may set up space and opportunities for networking, Q&A sessions with speakers, or round tables for discussions. Alternatively, if you hold a company party or celebration, you may plan for live music, mingling, and dancing.


5. Skipping the post-event follow-up

Avoid neglecting post-event activities by having a plan in place for follow-up and engagement with attendees. Collect feedback and evaluate the success of the event to inform future planning.This feedback can be useful in several ways. Positive comments can be shared on social media or included in a future blog post about the event. Negative feedback can also be beneficial because it can be used during the evaluation process to identify areas for improvement in the future. By doing this, you can gain insight into how to improve for your next event!


Now that you are empowered with these corporate event planning tips, you can plan the best corporate event in Oklahoma. It all starts with selecting the perfect event venue – Emerald Falls! We offer a spacious, beautiful setting for all of your corporate events. Contact us today!

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